Today’s blog topic is things that I’m currently doing. So I’ll break it into a list because lists are easy to write and easy to read, so its a win win for all of us. You’re welcome.





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Things That Make You Go Hmm..

So, I think we all knew that I was going to fall off the wagon with this blog everyday thing and look what happened. Oh well, I had a good streak while it lasted. Sometimes life just gets in the way, actually career…sometimes your career just kicks your a$$ and you can only manage to crawl into bed and in the fetal position at night. Doing anything requires extra effort like eating healthy or writing something witty on the old blog-eroo, just ain’t happenin’.

Speaking of eating healthy, last night James asked me if I wanted to go for a Dairy Queen date and my face lit up like:


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Rise and Shine!

Today’s blog post is supposed to be writing a letter to an inanimate object, but I did that on Sunday when I wrote a love letter to my blackberry. I guess I killed two birds with one stone on that one. So, today I will just do my own thing and will be back to the blogging challenge topics tomorrow.


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The Best Day

So, yesterday was the best day. We hiked the sea to sky trail in Squamish, BC with our friends Ryan and Jessica, and it was incredible. The hike was 10 km in distance, and 1km vertical climb, and we didn’t pack any food which was smart. By the 3/4 mark, we were all getting a little tired and hangry, and super hot. The weather here was 32 C yesterday which is unheard of for these parts, and our bodies are not acclimatized anymore to such conditions. We climbed up and took the gondola down, and I think we were all grateful that we didn’t have to climb down.


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One Thing

Okay, before I get started on today’s blogging topic, I have to tell you about the most amazing pancakes that I made this morning. There is nothing as wonderful as making an amazing breakfast on Sunday mornings. I used pancake mix, but added a scoop of protein powder, ground up oats, ground flax, and fresh blueberries.


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Dinner with 5 People

Today’s blog topic is 5 people you’d like to have dinner with. I’ll admit, I’ve never loved these questions about people you’d have dinner with because I feel like my answers are mainly shallow and then I feel bad about myself for not reading more books or thinking more profoundly. The truth is, I don’t want to have dinner with Kate Middleton because I will surely drop food on myself and I would cringe about it for the rest of my days. I’d rather just avoid the embarrassing experience altogether. So, here are some people that wouldn’t really mind if I spilled food on myself, I think.




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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Happy Friday! Yesterday was just, well.. I’ll show you what I had as soon as I left my crazy work day and you can draw your own conclusions about what kind of day it was for me.

IMG_20140710_181346  Drinking my troubles away

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Summer Lovin’

Today’s link up topic is my favourite summer activities. I love July in Vancouver because its warm but not too hot, and it rains once in awhile so all of the grass is still green and lush. Here are some things that I like to do in the Summer, in no particular order.





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Well Colour Me Embarrassed

Embarrassing experiences follow me around like my shadow. Its almost comical how much “happens” to me, but really its just because I’m pretty much an idiot. For example:


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Home Alone

Today’s blog topic is things that I do when I’m alone. Get ready to judge me because I’m not completely “together” behind closed doors.


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