“Me” Time Well Spent

Our weekends have been so busy lately that I have been finding myself feeling completely drained not the slightest bit refreshed when I go to work on Monday mornings. Maybe it’s this whole “growing a human” thing I’m currently doing, but I was starting to feel like I really needed a time out from the world. James had to fly to Toronto for a couple of days for work this past week and stayed there until Sunday morning to visit some friends and family, and although I hate when he’s gone, it was the perfect opportunity for me to recharge my batteries.


Friday was a jerk of a day and I felt the need to tweet about it. 

I didn’t get home from work until 7:00 PM, hello rude 12-hour work day, and ate my weight in takeout Thai green curry and rice and then fell asleep by 9:00 PM. It was a wild one, you guys. The next morning I watched my girly PVR’d shows like “Married at First Sight”, “Newlyweds: The First Year”, and last week’s episode of “The Bachelor”. It was heavenly. I can imagine that Olivia is bound to get kicked off in the very near future, but can we just keep her forever? I cringe and laugh so hard during her on-camera antics. There’s a crazy one every season, hey?


I spent most of the day Saturday cleaning up our place, doing a facial, laundrying, and washing and blowdrying my hair while catching up on episodes of Teen Mom OG… you know, super exciting Saturday stuff, and decided to venture out in the pouring rain to treat myself to a mani/pedi.


We are trying to save money these days for real adult things like a baby, a house, a new car… so I felt sort of guilty about doing this when I have tons of nail polish at home, but then I realized that I hadn’t had a pedicure since the day before my wedding….. 8 months ago, plus I also have trouble reaching my toes nowadays. So basically, I deserved it. Why can’t I reach my toes, you ask? Check out this bump!

IMG_20160126_084016 Taken last week, 21 week bump!

After my pampering was finished, I was wiped and not feeling social at all, so I got takeout sushi and watched a fine piece of cinematic entertainment… Magic Mike XXL. I’ll admit, not much of a storyline but there was plenty of gratuitous male nudity, so I was into it.

giphy (1)

In other news, James was flying back to Vancouver on Sunday morning so I decided to be super domestic before he got home and made healthy broccoli cheddar soup using this recipe, and also baked healthy carrot muffins for the work week using this recipe.


I forgot to take a picture of the muffins, and I didn’t make the cream cheese glaze topping that the recipe called for, but I’ll take a picture and post it later. I love eating things with vegetables “hidden” in them, don’t you? I love vegetables on their own but I think hiding the nutrients of carrots in delicious carbohydrates is a real score zone. I also made an overnight oat recipe that I found online for quick and easy weekday breakfasts, but I haven’t tried it yet and so that will be another post for another day.

Have a great Monday everyone, I’m going to make a sincere effort for my Monday to start out like this…

giphy (2)

Instead of the usual…



Do you normally do food prep on the weekends?

What is your favourite kind of soup?

What did you do during your last “me” day?

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Weekend Recap: Basically I Ate A Lot

What did you do this weekend?! You must be just dying to know what I did and it has been literally months since I’ve done a weekend recap, so…welcome to today’s post. I have zero recollection on what we did on Friday night so chances are that we ate dinner and fell asleep on the couch by 8:00 PM #marriedlife.

On Saturday morning James wanted to take me to a restaurant at the sea plane airport where he flies in and out of for work often, and I was less than enthused about going there. What can I say, I had low expectations. Well I was eating my words in no time because I ordered the short rib breakfast skillet and you guys, it was so good that I wanted to dance in my seat.

dance gif


After breakfast we went for a long walk in this park in Richmond that I had never heard of, and it was really pretty with views of the mountains and ocean and all, but the BEST part was that we stumbled upon a free kids adventure park and there weren’t many kids around so we were those annoying adults that play on the playground that is clearly not meant for them.

I went on the zipline and couldn’t stop laughing, it was so.much.fun. They definitely didn’t have parks like that when we were growing up. I was worried for like, 4 seconds that I might fall and that maybe I should be a responsible soon-to-be parent and stay on solid ground. But then I decided that I should have fun while I can because in June when this baby is born my life as I know it will be over. I kid, I kid… but you know what I mean.   

Afterwards we went new car shopping. I currently drive a 2-door car Civic but it’s getting to be that time to grow up and get a  “family vehicle”. For the record, I feel really old saying that. What kind should we get?


On Saturday night we went to one of our favourite restaurants, Los Cuervos, which is a Mexican taqueria in the city that is always packed no matter when you go. We had to wait for awhile to get a table as usual, and ended up eating dinner at the bar and it was so good. I can’t wait to go back.

I took a picture of my taco but it is blurry and looks terrible, so I’m not posting it. Just take my word for it that the tacos were really good… but the best part was dessert. Question, have you ever had churros before? Literally, I’d be daring enough to call it my all-time favourite dessert, which I realize is a very big statement. If you haven’t tried them before, do yourself a favour and Google “churros ___” <—insert your city here, and go. Now.


This weekend was chilly but gorgeous outside, and no rain during a Winter day in Vancouver means that you have to spend it outside as much as possible. On Sunday morning we got up early and went to Granville Island to get a tea and wander around. We went to the Public Market, aka one of my favourite places on Earth, and stumbled upon this Jewish bagel place that I didn’t even existed (apparently I have been living under a rock?!). Even though we’d had breakfast we were hungry again so we each got a bagel with cream cheese. My cream cheese selection was spinach and feta,  and I don’t know why we don’t put interesting ingredients in our cream cheese at home?



We walked around for awhile with no agenda really, and then came home and did a massive clean up of our house which rarely happens so when it does we have to really jump on it. I made us the most amazing pulled pork grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and I honestly can’t stop thinking about them. I can’t.


So, basically we ate a lot and adventured a lot and didn’t exercise a lot this weekend. It was perfect. This morning its back to my AM gym session, wish me luck because I am in for a rude awakening with all of this food I’ve eaten the past 2 days.


Help me choose what kind of 4-door SUV we should get?!

Have you had churros?? Do you love them?!

What did you do this weekend?

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I Don’t Mean to Brag Or Anything, But…

Alright, not to brag or anything here but I’ve been getting up early this whole week and have officially gone to the gym for 3 mornings in a row now. 


This might not seem like a big deal to most of you regular exercisers, but I can assure you that this was no small feat because early morning workouts haven’t happened for this girl in months. I’ve been doing a lot more of this if we’re being honest here. Fitness blog, what? #oops


To be clear, this isn’t a New Years resolution because I fail at those every.single.year. This is a “I don’t want to be 900 lbs when I give birth to an 8 lb baby who I can’t blame that much weight gain on”. In all seriousness, I’m well into the 2nd trimester over here and I’m feeling pretty good energy-wise, so I’ve got to take advantage while I can because who knows what trimester #3 has up its sleeve. My goal for now is to go 4 times per week, I think it’s totally doable.

I’m trying to get my body back into the routine of exercising regularly but as much as I’m training my body, I’m also training my brain to want to work out. This is hard, you guys, but I’ve already noticed that my morning workouts have become my favourite part of the day (aside from coming home from work and changing into my track pants), and I feel SO GOOD for the rest of the day afterwards. This isn’t a new concept for you or me, but I just thought I’d remind you that endorphins = happy people. Who would have thought? Ha.

Now, being pregnant and getting back into the gym is humbling because my body is different and continuing to change, and things don’t feel comfortable that used to. According to my extensive Google research, you’re not supposed to overexert yourself to the point where you’re panting while growing a human, so my “old faithful” quick and dirty burpee circuits have been swapped out for 30-45 minutes of either elliptical or treadmill at a quick walk on an incline and weights, for now. The bottom line is that I’m listening to my body and if something hurts or feels uncomfortable beyond regular muscle burn, then I’m not doing it.


In other news, one of the things I’ve been doing to pass the time at the gym while walking fast or elliptical-ing (yawn) is watching Amy Schumer videos on YouTube and I look like a weirdo because I’m laughing so hard while cardio-ing. YOU GUYS, I’m 100% certain that Amy Schumer is my spirit animal.




Well, that’s all I’ve got today. Mid-week posts are gif-heavy because I’m not feeling as creative or funny because work is sapping my humour and replacing it with boring thoughts  on human resources things. Lame.


Amy Schumer – do you love her or do you love her?

Pregnant friends/mom friends – did you work out while pregnant? What types of workouts did you do?

What time do you exercise, morning, noon, or night?

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How We Found Out We Are Pregnant

If you missed my last post, surprise!

We found out that we were expecting the day before we were due to fly to Europe on our belated honeymoon in September. I just knew that I was pregnant the week before though. For the record, I have never been pregnant before but my body was really on the fritz. I was completely exhausted, my boobs were killing me, my hair was so much greasier than normal (I normally only have to wash it once a week, and had to do it every 3 days which was really annoying because I’m lazy), and I was getting random waves of nausea. All of these random symptoms weren’t normal so I was Googling up a storm and all signs pointed to “pregnant”. By the time I was officially “late” I had only two days left of work to get through before my two week vacation officially began, so I held off on doing a test because I didn’t want to be distracted when I had so much at work left to close off before our trip. I am still amazed at the level of patience I had at this time. Who was I? I’m normally the most impatient person in the entire world.

Anyways, I woke up ridiculously early on the Saturday morning and snuck into the bathroom to do a test at 4:00 AM while James slept. I went into the living room with the test and by the time that I turned the TV on and turned on a lamp, I saw this (!!!!)

preg test undoubtedly two lines, holy s***

I was super mature and adult about it and waited approximately 0.87 minutes before jumping back into bed and waking James up at 4:02 AM to tell him the news. We both couldn’t stop laughing because uhhhh, are we really doing this? Basically it was a mixture of these two reactions, flipping back and forth, for about four hours.



This news was super exciting and life changing, and I feel like I’m still walking around in a daze where I feel like it can’t be for real. My belly is starting to grow, so its becoming a little easier to believe that this is really happening than it was before.

The only downside to the timing of this news was that I couldn’t drink wine on our honeymoon in Italy and France, only the mecca of the best wines in the world, and I was VERY tired and a pretty sick on our trip. Please know that I am not complaining by any means, plenty of people of difficulties with fertility and thankfully this wasn’t an issue for us, but those first two weeks weren’t easy being in foreign countries and being on the go constantly. I felt like our honeymoon wasn’t as adventurous or carefree as most peoples are.

I’m not planning to do regular bump pictures each week like many bloggers do. Why? Because I don’t feel awesome about my body if I’m being honest. Some days I feel like my bump is cute but other days I feel like a whale. I’ll post pictures when/if I feel like it, but I will check in every now and then with some regular updates because I think that it will be fun to read back at them one day.

How far along? 18 weeks today!! 

Baby’s size? Baby is as big as a sweet potato!


Sleep: I have been sleeping better lately than I have been for the past 18 weeks. For quite a few weeks there I was laying awake from 2:00 AM – 5:00 AM for no reason, it was the absolute worst. I’m not a friendly/happy person when I’m sleep deprived, I’m just not. I asked my midwife about these random wake ups about a month ago and she said it was my hormones getting me ready for the baby waking in the middle of the night. Awesome..

Food Cravings/Aversions: No cravings in particular, I just want food in general. All the time. Aversions? Nope, just give me all the food!

Happy/Moody: Happy!

Best moment of the week: I have been feeling the baby move since 17 weeks, 4 days… I first felt it move on New Years Eve at the end of the day when I finally laid down at the end of the day. It felt like there were bubbles in my stomach and I’ve never felt that feeling in my life before, and was the coolest/strangest feeling ever.

Looking forward to: I can’t wait to feel actual kicks, and to have James feel them too.


Pregnant friends/mamas:

1) How were your pregnancies? Were you sick?

2) Did you do bump pictures regularly?

3) Did you tell your partner in a more creative/mature way than I did?

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What We’ve Been Up To…

HI!! I’m back, I have been thinking about this old blog on the daily for months now but haven’t felt the urge to post anything until now. It is safe to say that I officially 100% miss blogging and documenting my life in gifs, memes, and random stories posted on the internet for strangers to read. I have missed you guys!!

So, what has been happening for the last 5 months you may be wondering… well, a lot.

We went to Europe at the end of September for 2 weeks for our belated honeymoon. Italy (Rome, Florence, Siena, and Pisa to be exact) and Paris. Here is the highlight reel.


We ate incredible food: 

italy food Collage We saw old things:


The Colosseum

20150928_214253 Trevi Fountain


David by Michelangelo


Vintage carousel in Florence


Leaning Tower of Pisa

We tried to speak the language, key word: tried



We ate: (I’m not so much of a French food fan it turns out though, well… except for croissants, love me some croissants).

paris Collage

We saw things:


outside Notre Dame Cathedral, I think

20151008_111316 The Louvre

20151010_113142 Versailles

Real conversation on our way to Versailles:
James: “So, do you know what Versailles is?”

Me: “Yes, it’s where Kim & Kanye got married”

James: Sigh………


 Notre Dame Cathedral

20151006_162252 Eiffel Tower

Our trip was amazing, a little busy for my liking to be honest, I honestly don’t feel the need to step into another cathedral, art gallery, museum, or ruins for a long, long, long time. I’m all history-d out. My favourite part of the trip, or any normal day in general, was the food. 

food gif kim

Anyways, there is one more thing that is new…


Yes, we’re pregnant! That’s one of the reasons that I fell off the Earth for awhile there. Man, those first few weeks where you’re not supposed to tell anyone are HARD! I was a perma-liar to everyone in my life except for James and it nearly did me in. We flew home to Ontario in November to tell our families and it was a super memorable, fun way to do it. We wanted to see their faces when they found out, and doing it on the phone/skype wouldn’t have felt quite right. I’ll let you guys know how we told our families in another post. :)

How am I feeling? Pretty good to be honest, but I’ll save the specifics for another post which I’m already drafting now and will post within the next couple days so I promise I won’t leave you hanging again.


Did you miss me?! jk, but not really.

What is new with you over the past few months?

Ever been to Europe? What was the best thing that you ate there? Easily pizza in Rome for me… I ate it for lunch everyday for 4 days in a row and didn’t get sick of it.

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Burpees vs. Burgers – Who Would You Rather?

Okay, I’m back and it’s only been two days since I’ve last checked in. Look at me being all consistent.


All day yesterday I thought it was Thursday but it was really only Wednesday and it was very confusing, but it WAS my Thursday because I’m off on Friday… did you get all of that? Do you even care? WELL YOU SHOULD because Melissa and her daughter “C” (she has a real name but Melissa doesn’t disclose it so I won’t either) are visiting me in Vancouver for the weekend.  Heyyyyy! They’ll be landing this afternoon and to say I’m excited would be an understatement.


Last night I was craving a McChicken like something fierce but I knew that I really shouldn’t hit up that drive-thru, BUT I made a homemade “healthy-ish” McChicken at home. I KNOW! How innovative am I? I breaded a chicken breast in bread crumbs, a bit of flour and garlic powder, and baked it in the oven until it was done. Then I put a tiny amount of olive oil in a frying pan and put the chicken in to crisp up the breading a little. Then served it on a bun with iceberg lettuce and mayo (obviously), and I had myself a DELICIOUS McChicken sandwich. Go ahead, try it. 


On Tuesday I went to the gym on my lunch hour and ran on the treadmill at 7.0 speed for 10 minutes to warm up, I had some stress to work off and running hard helps. Then I made up this workout and did it. 

workout - 0811

I was stupid sweaty from this workout because I pushed hard since I had a very limited amount of time and wanted to make every minute count.


James and I had this text conversation at the end of my workout. Does anyone else’s phone autocorrect “burpees” to “burgers” or is this just me?


And on a random end note, the other day I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this post and laughed out loud. This is officially my new strategy at Mucho Burrito (we don’t really have many Chipotle’s in Canada).



Burpees vs. Burgers – who would you rather? Burgers, obvi

What was your last fast food craving? Did you indulge?

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I Didn’t Die In A Freak Accident, Phew!

Oh hi, I’m alive, here I am. I didn’t mean to disappear for so long there but life happened and you know, there’s that. Here’s a quick synopsis of what I’ve been up to lately.

I’ve been trying to get back into exercise, it’s easier for me mentally some times than others. This is not one of those easy times. I’m making an effort to get outdoor workouts in to take advantage of this amazing Summer weather while we have it, and doing indoor gym workouts when I need to. I’m disappointed with how much fitness I’ve lost. Last week I did a made-up workout with squats, lunges, and plie squats and alternating with upper body free weight workout and it hurt to walk for four days. FOUR days. My lady muscles need to grow again.

tumblr_inline_molp11v48v1qz4rgp sigh…

Anyways, last weekend we did the Color Me Rad 5K run in Vancouver. I’ve done a different colour race where they used powder colour and this race they used gel colour which was PERFECT because the day was so hot and it helped cool us down.


This race was my favourite because they served free small red velvet McFlurry’s at the finish line. YEAH, I’M SERIOUS. If every race could end with a free McFlurry, that would just be super. Seriously, I’d sign up for every single one.


That night we had really exciting plans. You see, months ago when James asked me what I wanted for a wedding gift from him, this was our dialogue, literally:

J: “Laur, what do you want for your wedding gift from me?”

L: “I want Taylor Swift tickets. She’s coming to Vancouver in August”

J: “Well, I think I’m supposed to get you heirloom jewelry or something to pass down to our grandchildren one day, not….Taylor Swift tickets?

L: “You asked me what I want, that’s what I want”

#30goingon13, I swear. What can I say, I’m a Swifty through and through. Anyways, on our wedding morning (recap coming soon, I’ve been working on it I swear) I opened my gift from James and he got me a watch that I had been eyeing (which was amazing) AND TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS!! This was my reaction.

swift Collage 

Can you tell that I was excited? My life was basically complete in that moment. Anyways, August 1st was THE day so we showered all of the colour gel off of us and headed downtown to see Miss Taylor.


She was so good but I drank a couple more ciders than I should have and I was feeling pretty rough the next morning. Like, I just needed to lay on my couch and Netflix, you know? I had plans with my friend Caitlynn to go for a hike though and I knew that I’d have fun if I went so I sucked it up and we did an 8km hike and ran for the last 1-2km and I felt like a new person afterwards. Endorphins are for real, hey?


This weekend my mom and step-dad came to visit and we took them sea kayaking in Deep Cove. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We saw a harbour seal and about a hundred and eleven jellyfish, thank gawd we didn’t tip the kayak because I was nervous that I was going to be the headline in the news saying “Woman, 30, Dies in Freak Accident After Being Stung By 1,498 Jellyfish After Falling Out of Kayak”. On a bright note, I didn’t die in a freak kayak accident AND I got a decent shoulder workout. I could do that every day and be perfectly happy.





We did so much other stuff that weekend but oddly I didn’t take a million photos like normal, but here are a few.





And finally, after a weekend of my mom and step-dad visiting and indulging in too much food and wine, so much wine, I’m officially ready to detox… for four days until Melissa gets here to visit me this weekend. YES, she’s coming to visit me!! on Thursday! I’m basically counting down the hours. On Thursday until Monday it will be game over on the healthy eating because we are already planning our meals, and our snacks (read: chips). This was my lunch at work today and I’m going to make a real effort to clean it up so that I can cheat on my eating this weekend again, ha!



What was the last concert you went to?

Have you ever been kayaking?

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Happy Monday? Ugh.

Some weeks I find Mondays less offensive than others, but this week I’m particularly turned off by the thought of it and am really missing those glorious 48 hours of free time that we call the weekend. I’m going to give you a weekend recap because that’s all that I have to talk about today, really. I had had a particularly long and draining week of work and was 100% ready for a mental break. I left work on Friday like:


Literally, like a gazelle

On Saturday James and I acted like overachievers and made it to Grouse Mountain right after breakfast to get a workout in. We didn’t do the Grouse Grind this time, we did the BCMC trail which starts off with the Grouse Grind trail and then branches off. Both trails climb up the mountain but the BCMC hike is far less touristy and busy than the Grind which makes it a win in our books.


I really like the BCMC trail, it’s a bit longer in distance but it’s not as “staircase-y” aka. hellish or steep for the most part like the Grind is. It still was no walk in the park, at all because you’re literally climbing a huge mountain, and I was drenched in sweat early on for two reasons. 1) It was H-O-T out 2) I’m kind of out of shape 


James & I split up at the beginning of the hike with plans to meet up at the top because I didn’t want to be rushed or hold him back. I get argumentative when I’m physically uncomfortable, so this decision is always a relationship saver for us.

28iuk2w basically

When we got to the top we said hello to the grizzly bears in the exhibit. The picture is blurry because I had my phone tucked into my sports bra for the whole climb and there was a film of sweat over the camera. If clicked on this site to see high quality blog picture, you came to the wrong place, ha!


Here’s a better one from when I did the Grind on Canada Day, minus the blurry sweat marks.


Even though I felt great having hiked up a mountain all before noon, I was a tired and cranky mess by Saturday afternoon. I had a long nap and woke up still feeling miserable, does this ever happen to you too?


We were both not into cooking and were craving sushi so we went to Sushi Garden, our favourite sushi place in Vancouver. Check out how massive the pieces of sashimi are. Note, this was only half of what we ordered and our bill was only $42. If you come to visit us, we’ll take you here. Any excuse for me to go is a win in my books.


We went to the mall on Sunday morning right when it opened because hi, we’re anti-social and hate crowds, and got some shopping done. On our way home we stopped at this place that James found while out for a run once where there are wild blackberries growing in a public space and are free for the picking, literally. We picked SO many and I’m going to make some blackberry jam with them. Does anyone know how to do that? I’ve never even made jam before but I imagine it can’t be that hard… ?


Then on Sunday night we were laying around watching House of Cards on Netflix and I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that it was National Ice Cream Day. It would just be rude to ignore such an important holiday so we got right in the car and headed to Dairy Queen to participate in such an important holiday.


Well anyways, I’d love to stay and chat more but it’s freaking Monday so I have to go to work now. Woof.. 



What did you do over the weekend?

Help me, how do you make jam?

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The Cougars Didn’t Smell Our Pizza

Well, I’m alive. My foot is much better and although it’s still pretty bruised I can finally walk without minimal pain. Luckily I was mobile and we didn’t have to cancel our weekend plans, we had a trip on deck to Whistler, BC for a weekend away. The weather wasn’t awesome but it was a great weekend filled with wine, great food, relaxation, and a great hike. I didn’t take many photos all weekend except for our hike, I know.. who am I? We hiked on Ancient Cedars Trail on Cougar Mountain on Sunday. I was nervous when I found out that it was called Cougar Mountain because I’m sure it’s not named that for no reason.

So, we started our hike out with some healthy “fuel” of leftover bacon cheeseburger pizza slices, ahem…



Luckily, the cougars didn’t smell our pizza and we didn’t get mauled. We saw some amazing things on this hike like, this view…






I’m so strong it’s not even funny

on our way home I was hungry and getting cranky, but what else is new.. and we stopped in Squamish at Subway for a late lunch and we enjoyed this view. Not too shabs.


Oh, and want to see James & my personalities summed up in visual form? We split a carry-on suitcase for our weekend getaway… guess which half is mine? Ha! I kept throwing my clothes into the suitcase that he had so neatly rolled and he was not impressed.

IMG_20150712_104849 (1) 

One last thing, I’m basically a celebrity now. BOW DOWN! kidding, kidding. I was asked to do a video interview for a partnership for my work and a charity and it was really fun, and I don’t hate being in front of the camera. Is anyone surprised by this? Ha! Basically, I need to be on a reality show like, yesterday. Someone discover me!


Well, I’ll leave you on that note. If you’d like an autograph, please email me at liverunsparkle@gmail.com and I’ll mail you one. Mmk, bye!


Have you ever been interviewed on camera?

Where was you last weekend getaway to?

Do you ever have irrational fears of wild animals, or just me?

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Crippled At The Themepark

I was all set to tell you about how active I’ve been lately, I’ve been killing it on the exercise front but then something terrible happened yesterday and now I’m completely derailed. You see, on Saturday we had plans to go to Playland which is a just-okay amusement park in Vancouver. I made James leave the house an hour before Playland opened (we live 10 minutes away) because I’m that neurotic person who must be first in line at theme parks to avoid the crowds. Early bird catches the worm, you know? We were all set with our tickets which I bought the day before, obviously, I couldn’t waste a single minute at the gate; our sunscreen was applied, we were set to go and had 45 minutes to burn outside of the gates. I.WAS.EXCITED!


We went on the new ride, The Beast, first and then jumped on more rides and never had to wait in line. My strategy was working out perfectly, I was pumped. We were going to have this whole park done by noon and we were on target to avoid sunburns and the inevitable excessive afternoon underboob sweat. Nailed it.

We had just finished our fifth ride of the morning when it happened, yep.. five rides in and I was down and out. Why, you ask?


We were getting off the Breakdance ride which looked like it had just walked out of 1989. Let me preface this story by telling you that the ride wasn’t even good and worth the pain that I was about to endure. I had gotten out of the car and was walking down the metal flooring towards the exit gate. I don’t really even know how it happened, but the floor was uneven and I tripped and fell…hard. Real hard. On metal grate.

the culprit source

The next thing I knew I was crumpled in a heap and in a lot of pain all over. James and I both find it funny when people fall sometimes, but he later told me that there was nothing funny about this fall, it was straight-up concerning. I believe him because this man who was wearing a blue shirt and was there with his daughter looked really worried about me too. Its funny the things you remember when you’re experiencing a trauma. I’m not dramatic or anything, hey?

Anyways, we limped our way to the first aid trailer and I was bleeding and wimpering – it wasn’t cute. I’m a clumsy person by nature, I realize this is not the first time you’ve heard this sort of dramatic tale on this blog but I honestly can’t say I had ever been to a first aid trailer at an amusement park, until now. My foot was hurting like a mother, and after the first aid attendant got me some ice she started to bandage up my multiple scrapes. She started to use a beige band-aid, but a box of Disney princess band-aids caught my eye and I asked if I could have Ariel bandaids because The Little Mermaid is my favourite movie. She didn’t think that I was serious at first, but then my face was like:


Thirty going on three.


The pain in my left foot was worse than all of the scrapes though. I was still able to walk, er.. limp, and we went on two more rides before we called it a day and headed home. I spent the rest of the day on our outdoor patio couch but made James rent crutches for me from the drug store because it got to the point that my foot almost doubled in size and I couldn’t put any weight on it at all.


I also asked him to pick me up some chips, you know.. to make me feel better and this was our text exchange.


I asked him to get a small bag of chips but they didn’t have any so he brought me  home a full bag, and I ate the whole thing by the end of the day. By myself.What is wrong with me? I cannot be trusted with an open bag of chips. I just can’t.

After feeling bad about myself all evening for the chip catastrophe, we decided to get my foot checked out at the hospital because it was so extremely swollen and I couldn’t stand on it or wiggle my toes at all. It turned out to be a Grade 2 sprain, and the doctor let me take pictures of my x-rays. Seeing your bones is kind of fun, am I right?


As we were leaving the hospital, my arm pits were sore from the crutches so James pushed me to the car in a wheelchair and it was a lot of fun until he slammed on the brakes and I almost fell forward onto my face.  


I spent the entire day with my foot up on Sunday and kept my hospital bracelet on all day because I felt like it made James take me seriously as a patient and not complain when I asked him to fetch things for me repeatedly all day Sunday.  It seems like I get sick or injured on the regular lately, and this “in sickness and in health” vow he took is really getting tested early on.  


Wish me luck hobbling around at work all day, I’m not sure how this is going to go.


Have you ever sprained your foot?

Ever fallen in a public place?

What junk food can you not be trusted with? Please tell me I’m not alone.



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