I Need Goals

Before I talk about my real topic for today, I’d like to tell you about the amazing dinner that I made last night. Can we just talk about how amazing eggplant parm is? I can’t even express to you how happy this dinner made my heart last night. Why did I forget about this meal? I’m trying to ramp up my domesticity lately for two reasons, one is to eat at home more and stop eating take-out through the work week. And another is to try and work on this whole “wife” thing that I’ve got coming up in 256 days. But who’s counting…


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I Said “Yes!”

Oh hi there! Ready for my weekend recap? Well first things first, something very exciting happened….. I said yes to the dress!!

I said it

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Stupid Gravity

Happy Wednesday everyone! Funny story, I legitimately thought that yesterday was Wednesday and was saying Wednesday things all morning. I was so confused when people were correcting me.


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James is Late For Work, So We Have To Go

James is late for work and I demanded ahem, asked him to drive me to the train station so the title of this post is lame and the end is a little abrupt. Sorry you guys. So here is my weekend recap a little late. On Friday night we had an wild night (for married people) of signing up for a Costco membership. We may or may not have eaten a Costco hot dog and shared a poutine for dinner, don’t judge, it was Friday and it had been a long week. It was too delicious and shameful for me to take photographic evidence of. James and I had a little pre-marital Costco tiff. I wanted to walk up and down every single aisle, and he didn’t.


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Soaking It In

Happy Friday! How has your week been? Yesterday was the craziest work day for me. Not crazy-bad really, but things were getting thrown at me left, right, and centre and before I knew it it was 1:30 PM (!!). Where did my morning go?


I had a 2:00 PM meeting scheduled but I really wanted to get outside on my lunch break and go for a run since it was such a beautiful day. I toyed with the idea of skipping it, but I decided to continue with my commitment of doing nice things for myself see this post and this post by making time for “me time” throughout my day. I was able to push my meeting back to 3:00 PM, so I quickly got changed and headed out for a run of the seawall downtown.

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Committing to my Commitment

Oh hey! I hope everyone is having an awesome work week that is going by quickly! So, in yesterday’s post I talked about making a commitment to taking time out for myself even on the busiest days to get my workouts in. Yesterday I committed to my commitment and hit the work gym again at lunch. I begrudgingly realized it had been awhile since I’d done some burpees.


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A Whale of a Time

Okay, its Wednesday and you’re probably wondering where the heck my weekend recap is. Right?! Ahem… so, on Sunday we had plans to go whale watching on a one-way trip to Victoria, BC. This is us in our mandatory issued yellow sailor jackets that were so necessary because it was c-c-cold up on the top deck of the boat where I insisted we spend most of the trip. I wanted a better view of the whales but that wind/ocean/cloudy combo is no joke and resulted in me being convinced that I was coming down with hypothermia.

 unnamed (29)

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An Identity Crisis

Oh hello, strangers! Note: my fault, not yours. Aren’t long weekends just the best invention ever? We were supposed to have James’ mom visit us from Ontario this weekend but she had to cancel (sad) so we were scrambling to fill up our long weekend with plans, and I am pretty jazzed about what we threw together over here.

But first, I have something to tell you that is very exciting. You know how this blog is called Live, Run, Sparkle but I have just been living and sparkling more than running lately? You can admit it, you’ve noticed. Well, I have been having a blog identity crisis lately. I am a big believer that sometimes we’re going to go through highs and lows with everything in life, including forms of exercise. Running was something that made me so happy for so long, but then there came a point where I just couldn’t mentally be into it anymore. This left my blog name feeling a little outdated and untrue to my current situation, basically I felt like a fraud. I was trying to brainstorm ideas for a new name, new tone, new look, new…everything. It was all just too overwhelming so I just decided to not blog at all instead of make a decision. Typical.


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Weekend Things

So, here is an update of our weekend. It’s Monday, and that’s what bloggers do on Mondays. This weekend was pretty awesome, and actually felt like we got a much needed break from the every day grind that comes with being an adult. On Friday night we used a gift card and went for a nice dinner out to The Keg and had a bottle of wine and steaks. I didn’t take any pictures, I failed at that in a big way this weekend so this post should be exciting. I had been looking forward to this dinner all damn week and it was just so nice to drink too much wine and eat a big steak.


This picture isn’t really related to our dinner, but James had flowers delivered to me on Thursday at work “just because” and they’re so beautiful I had to show you guys.

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He Held Me Accountable, Rude.

Oh, hey! First things first, let’s talk about food because its my favourite thing to talk about. On Monday night after dinner I had a craving for peanut butter and chicken together. NO, I am not pregnant. Sometimes I just have weird cravings, okay? So anywho, I did some research online and found a recipe for Skinny Crockpot Thai Peanut Chicken that you can find here. On Monday night before I went to bed, I food prepped for Tuesday’s dinner like champ. Note: this never happens.



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