My Hobbies Include Eating And Complaining I Am Getting Fat

Okay, so this weekend was a good one. It was very outdoorsy because we’re having a heat wave in Vancouver and being at home in our apartment sans A/C was not appealing. As I type this I’m sweating and I’m getting kind of angry at nothing. Anyways, right, weekend… We started Saturday off with a morning hike up to Hollyburn Mountain at Cypress Mountain. The Internet said it was a 3.5 hour hike and so it seemed like a reasonable start for my first climb of Summer 2015. I loved it and it felt nice to move my limbs in a productive way until we got to 90% up the mountain and then it got hard and I was tired. You see, since my wedding I’ve been avoiding exercise and healthy food like the plague and I’m out of shape. Basically, this is my motto these days.


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Life is Boring and Not So Healthy If We’re Being Honest

Well, life has been getting back to normal over here, and by normal I mean boring. Boring is good sometimes. Boring means sleeping through the night, not agonizing over wedding details at 3:00 AM while your fiance sleeps softly beside you and you develop a strong urge to smother him with a pillow, and means that your weekends are 100% free and not consumed with wedding tasks. Like I said, boring is good.



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I’m a Wife… Wait, What?!


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Work Tripping, Scenic Views, and Getting Emotional

I have a lot to tell you guys about the past few days… but first, its Monday, wahh, blah, ugh, yawn. First things first, last week I went to Victoria for two days for work. One of the best parts of my job is that I get to travel from time to time to train employees at other properties. It was so nice to get a break from staring at the same four walls every day and get to see one of my favourite cities, for free. There are three options on how to get from Vancouver to Victoria: ferry, seaplane, or HELICOPTER! Guess which one I took? I felt like Jay Z.


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Life Update: Wedding Mess, Chubby Arms, and Kale (Bleh!)

Our wedding is 25 days away and if time could just slow down, that would be great. If I’m being honest, I don’t think we’ve been overly productive with our planning efforts and now we have 2 weekends left in Vancouver before we head back to Ontario for the festivities. We should probably write our vows, speech, finalize seating arrangements, make place cards, organize gifts for people, make a timeline, make nail appointments for me and the girls, and like 50 other things that I can’t think of right now because my brain hurts. We hired a Wedding Coordinator for the month-of and day-of to… coordinate. So, I’m hoping that she can make sense of the mess we’ve created and make it beautiful. I’m not an organized person so on Sunday wedding planning had me like..

IMG_20150503_171246 can we just talk about how long my hair is??

I’m not doing terrible with my healthy eating these days in practice, but I’m “mind-cheating” on my diet I think about  fries, ice cream, fresh bread with butter, and chocolate daily hourly if we’re being honest here. On May 31st I’m going to eat all of the above becase we’ll be married by then and he’s legally bound to love me if I get really fat. Sorry James. Ha, I kid, I kid. But I really am going to get french fries the day after our wedding, and I might even get crazy and throw some cheese curds and gravy into the mix. It’s 6:00 AM and I’m already having deep lustful thoughts for poutine. Lord, help me get through the next 25 days.

fries Note: DON’T ever search Google Images for “french fries” when you’re craving them. Worst idea I’ve had all day.

On Saturday I went to a morning wedding  ceremony and lunch reception for a friend and didn’t get home until the late afternoon and then that night James & I hung out with our friend Ryan and went to Craft in the Olympic Village neighbourhood and caught up over dinner. I had a half-size kale caesar salad and ahi tuna poke,. The tuna was really good but the kale caesar salad was just okay because, it’s kale and I would have rather had a burger, but I didn’t have to unbutton my pants after so, I win.

IMG_20150502_201011 (1)

IMG_20150502_201007 (1)

As for workouts, I have been working out on my own instead of heading back to Crossfit because I think I have post-traumatic stress from that incident with my back and the kettlebell, I’m not dramatic or anything. I’m really freaked out that my back will go crazy again and I can’t be crippled when I walk down the aisle. I just can’t. I’ve been hitting the gym at my office, running outdoors, and have been doing workout YouTube videos in the early mornings before I head into work. I’m focusing on my arms because, strapless dress, but honestly my arms just aren’t meant to be lean. By far the hardest part of my body to tone. My legs on the other hand, get toned immediately, which is really cruel if you ask me because no one will see my legs in my wedding dress. It’s a cruel, cruel world.

Back to the workouts, here are two of my favourites.

Try them out and let me know what you think!!

Welp, that’s all I have time for this morning because I have to run to the dentist.

aa61dc623581284eb77af18450c448e2c21cf45f62446d1a850e8e570c7bea34 Ain’t that the truth


Did you have a wedding coordinator? Did she save your sanity? I have high hopes for mine

Did you write your own vows?

Share your favourite YouTube workout videos!

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Kettlebells & I Aren’t Friends Anymore

I was doing so well. Truly, I was. Leafy greens for/with every meal, Crossfit 3x per week, I was feeling great. Then I did that fated kettlebell swing that landed me flat on my back for 6 days in agony. AGONY. Okay… let me tell you what happened. Last Friday I was doing my final on-ramp Crossfit class and during the wod I had to do kettlebell swings. So I did them, being mindful of my form, tight core, bent knees, back not arched, and bam! The sciatic pain hit me like a ton of bricks. I stopped the swings but completed the rest of the workout doing modifications because I still felt semi-able to and didn’t want to look like a slacker. About an hour later I couldn’t walk without being hunched over like a 96 year old woman with spinal degeneration, it was awful. I went home from work at noon that day because I couldn’t handle life in a vertical state, and needed to lay down. For the rest of the weekend I was unable to move without James helping me get up, walk to the bathroom, and lay back down on the floor. The pain was insane. It was an awesome weekend, you guys. I looked like this for most of the weekend.


Anyways, not to dwell on a sad story but it was truly horrific. The worst back pain I’ve ever had in my life… but then a miracle happened. I don’t typically get needles stuck in my body voluntarily but because I was absolutely in agony and I was desperate, I made an acupuncture appointment with a doctor who does Chinese medicine. She also decided to try Chinese cupping and the thought of it freaked me out but again, desperate, so I agreed.

Rottenecards_2048171_th2y63gsfy I was at “stepping on a lego”

There is seriously something to this whole Chinese medicine thing!!! It cured me overnight. Well, not completely but I was mobile and in significantly less pain on Wednesday morning than I had been in ages, and got better each day following. I’m going to keep going once a week for the next little while until I’m sure that my sciatic issues are a distant memory, and I’ll be able to walk upright for my wedding that is in just over a month.

Now that I’m semi-mobile, James and I had a nice little weekend getaway this weekend and stayed at the hotel that I work at downtown for free. Can I get an amen for company perks? Here are a few pictures of our weekend’o’fun.



We hadn’t had a date night in about a month because last weekend I was down and out, the weekend before James was sick, and the weekend before that we were proabably just Netflixing or something. We walked down Denman Street which is one of my favourites in Vancouver and stumbled upon Kingyo on Denman St. and the food was incredible, incredibleeeee. Such a great Japanese restaurant and we were lucky to get two seats at the sushi bar (we didn’t have a reservation), he said it would be 5 hours for a regular table. 529545528 (2)


After dinner we watched the sunset over English Bay, and I was like, “Why do we never do this?!”  So, expect to see lots more sunset photos on the blog this summer because this will be our new normal.


Then as we were walking back to our hotel room, we stumbled upon some random fireworks show over Coal Harbour. Everyone thought it was for the Vancouver Canucks game if we’d won, but we lost and so it was weird that we were…celebrating? Anyways, fireworks are never a bad idea if you ask me. I made James take a kissing selfie because we don’t have one with fireworks in the background, and I wanted to add it to our selfie collection.


And on Sunday, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium and saw some marine life like penguins, belugas, and the scariest octopus that I’m always intrigued by.



Well, that’s it. That’s what I’ve been up to these past couple weeks.


Do you have back pain? What helps for you?

Ever tried alternative medicine?

Did you have any fun weekend plans?

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It Finally Happened

You guys, it happened. It finally happened. I have been able to consistently eat clean for like, 2 weeks.

whatever, you’re about to hear about it

I was in a real rut for awhile there, but I guess the wedding countdown really made me buckle down. I haven’t had bad food (more than the odd treat) for 2-3 weeks and I honestly don’t even crave Domino’s anymore. I never thought I’d see the day. You see, James and I were getting to know our Domino’s delivery guys on a personal level for awhile there, we had a “usual”, we’d start to recognize each other by name, ask what our plans for the weekend were.. ours plans were usually eating pizza in our sweatpants because we’re really cool.


Since breaking up with our friends at Domino’s, I’m starting to see results from this willpower I’m exuding over here. For example, on Saturday I went to Costco and I bought a pair of black dress pants there for work (don’t judge me, Costco has some great stuff), and I bought a size 8 and then went home and tried them on and they’re too big on me. Boom! Size 6 in Costco pants.

I’m eating things like cucumbers for snacks like I’m a freaking rabbit or something. Example A: 


Last night I made chili lime tilapia tacos with fresh mango salsa for dinner. Also, I make sure that I have salad every single night.


This was my lunch yesterday. My old snack plates had triple the brie and zero plants, now check me out.


The other night I had to pick up take-out for us because it was one of those days, but I got grilled chicken salad wraps from our local Vietnamese restaurant and made a salad to go with it.


And instead of my usual 2 earl grey tea’s with milk and sugar per day, I’m officially obsessed with this caffeine-free ginger peach herbal tea. I even dressed in peach the other day to match it the box. Me and this tea are besties now, and friends that dress alike, stay together.      IMG_20150409_125553

Oh and also, I’m still going to Crossfit and I’m loving it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m terrified and nervous for the whole class because it’s intimidating as hell. Like on Friday, the coach was like “Okay, we’re going to learn handstand push-ups” and I was like “Uhh, I can tell you right now that this won’t happen for me.” Obviously I was no where close to actually achieving that feat that she makes look so easy, but I did do a teddy bear headstand (google it) and I was squealing for her to look at me because it basically blew my mind that I was able to do it after the 27th try. Crossfit Games here I come, ha! Anyways, I know that it’s working because muscles that I didn’t even know that I had are sore. Every day my body is sore, every. damn. day. So just 48 more days of this torture and I am praying that my upper body looks toned and amazing for my strapless walk down the aisle. A girl can dream.


Speaking of Crossfit I’m off to my 7am class now. Please cross your fingers that I haven’t puked or passed out, I’m pretty on the cusp of both of those outcomes like, every class.



How long do you go eating clean for?

Do you make snack plates for meals?

Does anyone else go to Crossfit?

Married readers – what did you do to get in shape for your wedding?

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So, Hey!

Does anyone even read this thing anymore? Where do I even begin? Well, let’s start with the most recent life development and work our way backwards, shall we? I’m going to use point form because I need to go to bed and you don’t want to hang out here all day, right? Right.

First::: Tonight I joined Crossfit. I know, I’m late to the party on this one and I’ve talked about my dislike for the price before, and I have known for awhile that I would love it if I actually bit the bullet and joined, but let’s be honest… it’s intimidating and I’m a wimp. You see, my wedding is 60 days away and it is officially crunch time. Like, for real this time. I did a short fitness assessment class tonight with the head coach (?) and I am having trouble walking. #prayforme


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Burnt Out

Oh, hi! I haven’t posted in a really long time, you may or may not have noticed. I have been drafting posts all over the place, but I second guess them and think they’re terrible so I never hit publish. I don’t know what my problem is lately. So, I thought I’d check in and let you know that I’m still alive and well over here.

Sometimes I find it hard to be an adult. This is a really immature statement I realize, but its hard.


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Insta-laughs & Movie Night!

Heyo! I’m feeling a little lack of inspiration today but wanted to pop in, so I thought that I’d share my favourite Instagram finds of the week. Basically, my favourite Instagram accounts are: girlwithnojob, betches,  and dilfs_of_disneyland (this last one is purely for gratuitous man candy). You should follow all of these accounts immediately (plus mine, obvi) for daily chuckles to help you get through the work day. You’re welcome.



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